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Even though she's been First Lady of France since February Nicholas Sarkozy's wife feels Michelle Obama, the incoming mistress at the White House, is much more qualified to give her advice. "She's a great, strong, intelligent woman," says Carla
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The focus of her praise has said her most important role is to be "Mom-in-chief" to daughters Sasha (left) and Malia who got a tour of their new White House home this week
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Give advice to Michelle? It'll be the other way round says Carla

20 NOVEMBER 2008
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has joined the ranks of Michelle Obama's fan club. France's First Lady says she's eager for a meeting with the incoming chatelaine of the White House to get some tips on her own role.

Asked on a US TV show what words of wisdom she'll have on being introduced to Mrs Obama, Carla replied: "I must say she doesn't need advice. It would be better for me to get advice from her!".

Nicholas Sarkozy's wife went on to pay tribute to the new president's wife for the way she supported Mr Obama during his campaign. "She's a great, strong, intelligent woman," said model-turned-singer Carla.

As her French counterpart was looking forward to a new era in the executive mansion, Michelle, who describes herself as 'Mom-In-Chief' accompanied her daughters Sasha and Malia as they got the first glimpse of their new home.

During their tour the girls saw the bedrooms used by President Bush's twins, Jenna and Barbara.

Mrs Obama wants to avoid significant changes to her daughters' lives and has said they will still do chores like making their beds. "But I couldn't help envisioning the girls running into their rooms and running down the hall with a dog," she admitted during a TV interview.

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