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From the thousands of pictures which have been taken of them this year the royal couple chose this intimate snap which features them bursting into laughter when a ferry-naming ceremony in Cornwall hit a minor glitch
Photo: © Tony Hopewell
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Charles and Camilla's brolly good laugh makes for fun Xmas card

15 DECEMBER 2008
Not even the inclement British weather could dampen the sunny mood of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall as they shared a moment of merriment during a ferry-naming ceremony. And the royal couple apparently loved the fun-filled image so much they've decided to use it for this year's Christmas card.

The intimate and casual snap - which is very different to the posed shots which have been used since the couple wed in 2005 - was taken this summer during a trip to St Mawes in Cornwall. The heir to the throne and his wife, both holding umbrellas to protect themselves from the downpour, were overcome with laughter when a ceremony to name a vessel The Duchess Of Cornwall went slightly wrong.

"During the… ceremony the St Piran (Cornish) flag that had been covering the name plate - and which was being controlled by strings - came crashing down and landed on the Duchess's umbrella," says the local photographer behind the photo, Tony Hopewell. "Both of them started laughing at what happened and I was fortunate to capture the moment."

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