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"I am available," Sarah told an Irish newspaper
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Saying her heart is open to love Fergie outlines requirements for role

15 DECEMBER 2008
It's official. The Duchess of York, who over the past year has been linked to Norwegian millionaire Geir Frantzen, is single again and looking for love.

"Please write this down," the flame-haired 49-year-old told an Irish interviewer as she announced: "I'd love to have a boyfriend."

Sarah, whose marriage to Eugenie and Beatrice's dad Prince Andrew ended in 1996, qualified: "It's not that I'm looking but I think that if my heart is open, someone will walk in. Let's hope someone does."

And the necessary qualities for a man hoping to win Sarah's heart? "He's got to be good-looking, full of mischief and make me laugh a lot," says the royal singleton, who also revealed she's not looking to walk down the aisle again.

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