29 DECEMBER 2008

Such is the whirlwind nature of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's life since being wooed and wed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, she must snatch her moments of downtime when she can.

The First Lady took advantage of her husband's recent official tour in Brazil to hit the beach, first in jogging gear with the politician, and then wearing a white bikini.

Carla, who during their visit celebrated her 41st birthday on December 23, took a dip in the surf off the palm-fringed Itacare beach north of Rio with her son Aurelien.

The mother and son playtime followed a trip to a local slum, the Pavao-Pavaozinho favela above Rio's Copacabana beach, and a reunion with her biological father Maurizio Remmert, a businessman who lives in Sao Paulo.

While her role as Premiere Dame is keeping her busy, Carla - who was voted HELLO magazine's most stylish celeb of the week - has also hit the headlines for her other job: singing. In a documentary to be shown in Britain next month the chanteuse is seen performing at the home she owns in Paris while Mr Sarkozy looks on fondly.

Former model Carla talks about her career, declaring: "No more sex, no more drugs, only rock 'n' roll" and vows she won't be giving up music to "iron my husband's shirts".

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France's presidential couple chill out after a packed week in which Carla celebrated her birthday, carried out some charity commitments and met with her biological father in Sao PauloPhoto: © AFP
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She and her son had accompanied the French premier on an official trip to the Latin countryPhoto: © Rex