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Maxima and her husband try out traditional desert transport
Photo: Rex
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Maxima tries her hand at a popular local pastime - falconry
Photo: Rex

Willem and Maxima get taste of desert life on Abu Dhabi visit

20 JANUARY 2009
During a recent three-day trip to Abu Dhabi, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands were treated to an up-close look at local culture in the Emirates state.

Visiting the desert village of Liwa - 150 kilometres from the capital - the pair got to experience traditional desert transportation, with Maxima kicking off her shoes to join her husband astride a camel wearing an ornate headpiece.

Later Willem, seated on a colourful, cushion-covered rug tried a traditional hookah pipe, while his Argentinia-born wife tried her hand at another popular Emirates pastime - falconry.

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