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Hillary is sworn in as the new US Secretary of State by Vice President Joe Biden, who was once a frontrunner for the role
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After taking the oath Hillary is congratulated by her 89-year-old mum Dorothy
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Laughter and pride as Mrs Clinton is sworn in as Secretary of State

Placing her hand on a bible held aloft by her mum Dorothy Rodham and daughter Chelsea, Hillary Clinton was sworn in as the 67th Secretary of State on Monday, with her former President husband Bill Clinton at her side.

And new Vice President Joe Biden, who presided over the ceremony, reflected on the twists of fate which had led him and the former presidential nominee to their role on the day.

"Never did I think, Madame Secretary, that I would swear you in as Secretary of State," said the VP, who was considered frontrunner for the Secretary of State role before President Barack Obama selected him as his number two. "Never did I think I'd be sworn in as Vice President," he added quickly to laughter from the audience.

Telling the assembly, "For me this has been an amazing personal journey", Hillary responded: "As Joe laughingly referenced, neither one of us thought we would be standing here together doing what we are doing. Life has that funny way of unfolding, and politics is even stranger."

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