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In a moment reminiscent of classic screen romance Brief Encounter, the royal couple were enveloped in steam at a train christening engagement. Charles couldn't help but laugh as Camilla almost disappeared in the fog
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Tornado is the first steam-engine for use on mainline tracks to be built in Britain for 50 years
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Prince Charles gets all steamy with the Duchess of Cornwall

20 FEBRUARY 2009
The Prince of Wales had a chuckle when Camilla got an unexpected steam clean as the royal couple christened a railway locomotive in York.

Clouds of smoke drifted their way as they prepared to name train and for a few seconds the Duchess of Cornwall was completely engulfed, sending Charles into gales of laughter.

Luckily his wife saw the funny side, too, and giggled at her Brief Encounter moment at the city's historic station. The new Peppercorn class A1, named Tornado, is the first mainline steam-engine to be built in Britain for 50 years.

Locomotive enthusiasts raised 3 million to fund the train, which will run on the East Coast Main Line.

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