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Gordon Brown became the first European leader to meet America's new president on Tuesday
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While her husband has been making political headlines, Michelle has been notching up column inches with her penchant for sleeveless outfits, like this one worn for her first official photograph as the First Lady
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Gordon Brown is first European leader to meet new US President

4 MARCH 2009
Prime Minister Gordon Brown is having quite a week in the US. He will become only the fifth British head of state to address Congress on Wednesday, and is the first European leader to meet the country's new leader, President Barack Obama.

Mr Brown, who arrived in the States for a three-day visit on Monday, met the President for talks on the economy and to renew what Mr Obama describes as the "special relationship" between the US and the UK.

First Lady Michelle Obama has also been making headlines. The stylish mum-of-two, who entertained Sarah Brown on Tuesday while their men got down to business, has become the subject of sartorial interest thanks to her penchant for sleeveless outfits.

While the 45-year-old's arm-baring signature style has come in for some flak as being inappropriate for the chilly Washington weather, most have focused on her toned arms.

These are hard-earned, as Michelle recently revealed when she mentioned that on an average White House day she and the fitness-conscious President get up at 5.30am to work out together.

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