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On Friday Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel were special guests at a engagement party thrown in their honour at the royal palace
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Frederik and Mary of Denmark had a romantic appointment over the weekend, too, celebrating the wedding of a family friend
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Prince Albert and Charlene had a little 'love' action of their own in the form of the Monte Carlo Masters final
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Engagement party for Victoria as Danish royals are wedding guests

20 APRIL 2009
Romance was on the agenda for three of Europe's highest profile royal couples at the weekend. Princess Victoria celebrated her recent engagement, Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark attended the nuptials of aristocratic friends and Prince Albert spent a romantic Sunday with his former South African swimmer love Charlene Wittstock.

Sweden's next monarch was joined by her fiancé Daniel, a 35-year-old gym owner who'll become Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, when he weds Victoria in 2010, at a party in the palace's royal hall. Among the guests were his future in-laws and Victoria's younger brother Prince Philip.

At the event Daniel was officially introduced to members of the Swedish government in front of 180 special guests. And once formalities were out the way, invitees and the royal family mingled to the sounds of music from Victoria's duchy, Vastragotaland, and Gastikland, the province from which Daniel originates.

In Denmark Crown Prince Frederik and his Tasmania-born wife Mary made elegant wedding guests the following day at the wedding of Louise Iuel Brockdorff and Nikolai Albinus.

The presence of the down-to-earth parents-of-two – long term pals of the aristocratic Iuel Brockdorff family - follows a recent intimate interview with the pair. Among the insights they shared the couple revealed they only speak Danish at the breakfast table and that they both have credit cards, albeit with their titles printed on them rather than their family names.

There was a 'love' date in the diary for Prince Albert of Monaco and his South African partner Charlene Wittstock, too. The sporty couple, who made their first public appearance together at the 2006 Winter Olympics, cheered as Spaniard Rafael Nadal became the first player to win five straight Monte Carlo Masters titles on Sunday.

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