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The royal had to laugh when a manager welcomed him to an official duty in Wiltshire with the words: "We are very happy to have the Duke of Kent here". "Kent, Edinburgh, York, there are so many of us all over the place," replied the Duke of York graciously
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Prince Andrew laughs off title error after being called Duke of Kent

22 APRIL 2009
In an earlier age the blooper might have earned the offender a severe reprimand. Welcoming Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to a Wiltshire firm its manager referred to the royal visitor by the wrong name. He was fortunate, however, in that the Prince took the blunder in good humour.

Kicking off proceedings at the event, where the monarch's middle son was due to present employees with the Queen's award for innovation, Tom Roach began: "We are very happy to have the Duke of Kent here."

Those gathered for the ceremony at the company - which supplies civilian and military ships - were quick to correct his error and remind him their guest was the Duke of York. Luckily for Mr Roach, Andrew saw the funny side of things, quickly responding with: "Where did you get him from?".

On receiving an apology the Prince played down the mistake. "Oh really, Kent, Edinburgh, York, there are so many of us all over the place, we come ten a penny," he quipped.

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