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The photos, which include this shot of the US President receiving a visit at a study off the Oval Office from his wife and daughters Malia and Sasha, make up an intimate album of life at 16000 Pennsylvania Avenue since the Obamas moved in
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Mr Obama pounds down a White House corridor hotly pursued by new family pet Bo, a Portuguese water dog

Intimate images mark President Obama's first 100 days

30 APRIL 2009
To mark US President Barack Obama's first months in residence the White House has released an extraordinary series of intimate photographs.

From shooting basketball hoops on the South Lawn to investigating under a White House desk and chasing the new family pet down a corridor, the images of the President and his family provide a graphic insight into life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since the Obamas took up residence.

Other highlights from among the 293 shots – which capture both the professional and private sides of Mr Oabama's first 100 days in office - include the First Couple wearing 3-D glasses to watch the Super Bowl in the family theatre at the White House.

There are also a host of happy moments with their daughters, ten-year-old Malia and her little sister Sasha, seven.

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