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"It's only when you see yourself in 3D that you realise how fat you are," admitted the politician, adding he hoped to force a remodelling in the future by getting into shape
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Unveiling a plump likeness prompts Boris Johnson to lose weight

6 MAY 2009
While London Mayor Boris Johnson's overall impression of his Madame Tussauds waxwork was positive, one detail the waistline on the model - proved slightly disconcerting, and has prompted the politician to embark on a fitness regime.

"It's only when you see yourself in 3D that you realise how fat you are," he admitted with a rueful shake of his head. "But it's a brilliant job they have done. It is an amazing, eerie, lifelike spooky version of myself."

The mayor sat twice for the artists and donated items from his wardrobe to clothe the figure. He told reporters he looked forward to his likeness being remodelled after the start of his exercise regime "in keeping with the more lean and lithe physique I hope will soon emerge".

Placed under the watchful gaze of a likeness of his heroine Margaret Thatcher, Boris' statue had been dressed by Tussauds staff in the 'just-got-out-bed' style he favours, with tie and shirt slightly askew.

The politico didn't comment on whether he planned to adopt a more groomed look in time for his proposed remodelling.

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