Recently engaged Princess Victoria vibrant and vivacious on a trip to London

“You have probably noticed in recent years that I have seemed stronger and happier," Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria told the nation on announcing her engagement to her businessman love Daniel Westling.

Since then it's been easy to see exactly what she means. The future queen was positively radiating contentment as she arrived in London for some official business this week.

Apart from the obvious spring in her step, King Carl Gustaf's daughter also seemed to be showing off a more adventurous sartorial style.

She'd opted for a jazzy Missoni-style wrap dress instead of one of her signature classic suits.

Victoria and Daniel met seven years years ago when Victoria, encouraged by her sister Madeleine to take up regular exercise to combat an eating disorder, hired Daniel as a fitness trainer.

Now the owner of a string of gyms, the 35-year-old, who hails from a small village and was previously apparently rather taciturn, has seen his life radically transformed.

His baseball caps and long hair style have now been replaced by smart suits and designer spectacles. And for the past year the princess' fiancé has been living in Drottningholm Palace, the royal family's official residence, with couturiers grooming him for his future role as her consort.

The only slight cloud on the horizon has been his kidney transplant in May, caused by a congenital disorder.

Happily for the couple his recovery seems to be going well, with reports that he went for a power walk just a week after the op.

In summer 2010 they will be in the spotlight as their magnificent nuptials captivate the nation. Some 1,000 guests including most of the crowned heads of Europe have the date in their diary.

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