Albert spares Charlene's blushes with expert avoidance tactics on nudist beach

The prince kept his cool when he and his girlfriend crossed paths with a bather strolling along the shore just as nature intended
 Photo: © Rex

What to do when you inadvertently stumble across the nudist section of the beach is always a dilemma.

Luckily because of his years of training in royal etiquette the situation posed no difficulties for Prince Albert.

During a jaunt to the seafront in Saint Tropez with companion Charlene Wittstock, the Monegasque sovereign managed to keep his composure on passing a man in his birthday suit.

Keeping a grasp of his girlfriend's hand and possibly even advising her to keep her eyes averted, Albert cannily avoided her getting an eyeful of any body parts.

With the danger over, the couple continued their stroll along the resort's Pampelone beach and even signed autographs for a (fully clothed) well-wisher.

The prince wasn't the only member of the Grimaldi clan unwinding in the jet set location. His nephew, Pierre Casiraghi, the son of Princess Caroline and her late husband Stefano was cruising the azure waters with his Italian girlfriend, society beauty Beatrice Borromeo.

Saint Tropez is a favourite spot for the young lovers. This time last year when their romance was just getting started, they were spotting canoodling and frolicking in the Mediterranean retreat.