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Zoe Ball and her bump visit Downing St as Sarah Brown shares family insights

zoe ball

Gordon Brown has faced some tough opposition in his time. But it's unlikely he has ever opened the front door at Downing Street to be faced by two pregnant ladies before.This week, the Prime Minister was petitioned by radio presenter Zoe Ball - who'll welcome her second child in February - and Holby City actress Patricia Potter, carrying twins due next month.They were calling for Mr Brown to back free healthcare for expectant women and their children in poor countries. "So many lives will be saved if we make this commitment," said Zoe. Their mission is likely to strike a chord with the politician, a renowned family man, and wife Sarah, who are parents to two boys.In her new book titled Grandparents, the devoted mum opens up about family and gives an insight into life at Number 10. Sarah shares an anecdote about a last-minute call to her mother asking her to look after the couple's sons, John, nearly six, and Fraser, three. The 45-year-old needed help from Grandma because of having to travel to the US for Senator Ted Kennedy's memorial service. She also reveals the couple's decision to marry in their dining room at their Scottish home in August 2000, was partly inspired by Gordon's grandparents who wed at their farm. "Now whenever we have a family meal... I always remember our beautiful wedding day," she says.

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