Glamour all round as Sarah Brown hosts dinner for her influential friends

The Prime Minister's wife met up with some of her high-profile friends - including (from left) Wendy Murdoch, Queen Rania of Jordan, Nicole Kidman, model Liya Kebede and Pepsico chairwoman Indra Nooyi - in New York
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 Photo: © Rex

She'd had a tiring day of meetings working on advancing her charity initiatives, but you'd never have guessed it to look at Sarah Brown.

The Prime Minister's wife was bright-eyed and elegant as she co-hosted a benefit dinner for some of the world's most influential women in New York, where Gordon Brown is attending the UN General assembly.

But then judging by the event's guest list, it was fair to say that turning up looking anything less than glam wasn't really an option.

Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba were there, as was David Bowie's model wife Iman – on bombshell form in a luminous knee-length dress.

Other notable attendees included Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendy, Jordan's beautiful royal Queen Rania, Sarah's friend Naomi Campbell and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who at one point got on the microphone to address fellow diners.

All were there to help focus attention on the plight of women who die because of complications in pregnancy and childbirth.