Duchess of York will 'bounce back' from collapse of US business

hellomagazine.com In some ways this should be the happiest time of the Duchess of York's life.

The film she produced Young Victoria has been a hit on the festival circuit and is Oscar-tipped.

Meanwhile her daughters have both embarked on their university careers.

But as is so often the case in Sarah's rollercoaster life things are not that simple.

Months after narrowly avoiding court action over some unpaid bills, it's being reported that Hartmoor, the "inspirational lifestyle and wellness company" she established in the US in 2006, has folded.

The Duchess owned 51 per cent of Hartmoor, which is said to have debts of £630,000.

"She had business partners who were supposed to manage the business and they didn't do that," a source told The Sunday Telegraph. "She was the talent. She was not the CEO".

Her representatives appeared to confirm the financial problems.

"She has faced some challenging and difficult times with one side of her business, Hartmoor. But she is very resilient, and will work through the situation and bounce back from this," said a spokesman.

Amongst the positive news for the mum-of-two is a new deal to work on big-screen versions of five of her Little Red series of children's books announced last week.

Her eponymous foundation is also going strong, having made donations of around £250,000 to worthy causes in the past 18 months.

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