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Barack Obama wines and dines his first lady Michelle on their 17th anniversary

michelle obama

Unlike last time it was date night in the Obama household - when the evening involved a trip on Air Force One to a Broadway show - 'couple time' for Michelle and Barack was a simple affair this weekend. Still it was a big occasion for the US leader and first lady – their 17th anniversary – and they'd booked dinner for two at a restaurant just down the road from the White House. Michelle, looking sexy and sophisticated in an elegant halter-neck number that showed off her famously toned back and arms, received an appreciative look from her husband as they headed out on a moonlit night. The president, meanwhile, was keeping it cool in a sharp black suit. As is their habit, the presidential couple had opted for American fare for their special date. Their destination was the Blue Duck tavern, a swanky eatery famed for the local sourcing of products, and boasting dishes such as crab cakes, apple pie and homemade ice cream.

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