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Carla Bruni's site crashes as thousands try to read about the 'ultimate modern woman'

carla bruni

Her story - model-turned-pop star-turned-first lady - has captured the public's imagination. And the interest in Carla Bruni-Sarkozy shows no sign of waning. The brunette beauty's new website crashed within minutes of its launch when thousands of fans clicked on to read about her life as wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And it was still not showing correctly a day later. Once it is operational, the main aim of the site is to promote Carla's charitable causes, namely her foundation to help the underprivileged in France and her work as ambassador for the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Visitors can still find plenty of information about the lady herself, however. In her profile the 41-year-old is described as "the ultimate modern woman" and someone with a "romantic destiny" who has to "face history with a cool head and a smile on her lips." The site also suggests that the name "Carla" has now become synonymous with good work and beauty the world over. There are references to Mr Sarkozy, whom she refers to as "Monmari" in the English section, noting "he is a subject of media fascination".Early entries include a piece about her recent live performance at a charity concert in New York, and a tribute to one of her favourite designers Jean-Paul Gaultier. There's also an item mentioning Mr Sarkozy’s second wife, Cecilia. In it, the Italian-born singer puts paid to reports that, on the eve of her wedding to Mr Sarkozy last year, the French leader sent Cecilia a text message saying: "If you come back I'll call the whole thing off."

The site can be found at

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