Snap-happy Prince Willem-Alexander still devoted to his beautiful señora Maxima

The fact that his Argentine-born wife Maxima looked radiant was clearly not lost on the proud prince
 Photo: © Rex

After seven years of marriage and three children, it can be easy to take each other for granted.

Not that this fate is in danger of happening to Willem-Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands.

When the country's charismatic crown princess graced a dance performance in The Hague, no one was more appreciative of her feminine appearance than her husband.

The fact that Argentine-born Maxima looked radiant in her strapless evening gown and matching jacket was clearly not lost on him.

Ignoring the crowd of well-wishers for a moment, Alexander - as his wife calls him - whipped out a camera to capture his love at the glitzy gala.

He himself had dressed smartly in a tuxedo and bow tie The result was that the pair - who have three lovely young daughters - looked like they were out on date night rather than an official event.

Just before they wed on February 2, 2002, Maxima told the world: "When we're in the church, we have to say, 'This is our day'. I think I won't see anyone there but Alexander".

It's clear that after all these years, at times that sentiment still applies and they pause for a moment just to enjoy each other.