'Wait and see' says Prince William in reply to Australian marriage queries

hellomagazine.com After wrapping up his successful New Zealand tour – his first trip representing his grandmother the QueenPrince William flew to Australia. 

Touching down in Sydney there was an important question waiting for him from some elderly ladies in the 1,000-strong crowd that had assembled to greet him.

The second-in-line, who has been dating Kate Middleton for more than six years, was asked: "When are you getting married?"

But he side-stepped the query, with the words: "As I keep saying – wait and see."

Wills was visiting Redfern Community Centre in one of the city’s most deprived Aboriginal areas.

He was welcomed with a traditional Aboriginal dance and the burning of cleansing eucalyptus leaves on a bark tray, the fumes from which were wafted into his face by an elder.

Earlier the Prince was whisked off for a welcome lunch at Admiralty House, which enjoys stunning views of the Sydney Opera House. There he was introduced to local celebs, including Australian actress-turned-singer Deltra Goodrem.

The pretty blonde said she was thrilled to be meeting William, as she is a keen royalist.

"I have always respected and appreciated their lives and enormous experience," said the star, who is in a relationship with Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

During Wills' final day in New Zealand he had paid a rare public tribute to his mother Princess Diana.

And on a visit to a children's hospital he was asked if his affinity with sick youngsters was inherited from his late mother.

"I wouldn't say I was anywhere near her level," he replied. "She had a fantastic affinity with kids and with everyone. I just go and meet people and just enjoy their company. I like meeting people, so it helps."

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