Yet another little nosy parker gives the Duchess of Cornwall's profile a tweak Just what is it about the Duchess of Cornwall's nose that makes it irresistible to little ones?

There was a repeat incident this week of the playful tweaking that previously happened on two separate occasions when Prince Charles' wife visited families in army barracks.

This time the culprit was cute nine-month-old Maria Carniero, who was part of a group of local children and mums celebrating World Book Day at a bookshop in Westfield.

And little Maria wasn't the only youngster getting in on the act. Fourteen-month-old Grace Gibbon also made a grab for Camilla's proboscis.

The 62-year-old royal, herself a doting grandmother to five children, put on her glasses to read to dozens of kids who were attending a Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed event.

Just the night before it was a very different scene with Camilla was in formal mode to attend a state banquet with her husband in honour of visiting South African President Jacob Zuma.

The duchess was on elegant form in a dress by her favourite designer Anna Valentine and a glittering tiara once owned by the Queen Mother.

Known as the Boucheron tiara, the diamond encrusted headpiece was one of the late Queen Mother's favourites. It was on loan from the Queen's royal collection.

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