More details of Princess Madeleine split emerge as she finds solace in work

Days after the Swedish royal palace announced the end of Princess Madeleine's relationship with Jonas Bergstrom, the interest in details of the split shows no sign of abating.

The younger daughter of Queen Silvia arrived in New York at the weekend, minus the diamond engagement ring given to her by her lawyer love a year ago. And she has since been throwing herself into work for her mother's World Children Foundation in an attempt to take her mind off the break up.

But back at home in Sweden, speculation continues as to exactly why the couple of eight years called time on their romance and broke off their engagement.

Some sources are saying that Jonas' fondness for nights out with his friends in Stockholm put strain on the relationship, as did Madeleine's decision to make more frequent trips to London and New York.

Although the majority of sources – all anonymous – say it was Madeleine who decided to initiate the break up, there are a few who take the opposite view. They claim 31-year-old Jonas was the one who wanted to call everything off and stop maintaining the public façade.

He apparently wanted to confirm this to the press immediately when news of his alleged affair broke, but the palace convinced him to wait until the 27-year-old princess was out of the country before the split was announced.

Meanwhile, the woman at the centre of the infidelity claims, Tora Uppstrom Berg, has denied money or fame was the motive for going public with her story. The 21-year-old, who claims Jonas cheated on Madeleine with her during a skiing holiday, says she did so to show "the type of person" that Jonas is.

The blonde student, currently studying at Bournemouth University said she regretted going public, saying: "I could not foresee the kind of attention this would get and I regret that I told the story. I feel sorry for Madeleine."