Home sweet home: Samantha Cameron and her family make Downing Street their own

hellomagazine.com As the new 'first lady' of Britain and with a baby on the way, Samantha Cameron has been facing some exciting changes since her husband became prime minister back in May.

Not least of these has been moving her family into their new home at Downing Street – a task that was officially completed this week.

With a primary concern to provide a happy environment for her children - Nancy, six, four-year-old Arthur, and of course the baby she is expecting in September - Samantha, 39, saw the very last of the Cameron possessions arrive from their former £2.7 million home in Notting Hill on Monday, according to the Daily Mail.

Whilst they are currently living in Alistair Darling's old flat at Number 10, work is well under way to adapt the more spacious accommodation at Number 11 for their needs.

It is thought that a state-of-the-art kitchen, chosen and paid for by David and Samantha, is almost complete, and that the nursery for the new arrival has already been decorated.

While it remains to be seen whether the home will reflect the minimalist design of their former West London abode, Samantha's stylish credentials – she recently cut her work load at luxury stationers Smythson – leaves little doubt that she will make her own mark on the residence.

The decision to move into Number 11, which offers four bedrooms, has been a trend amongst recent British prime minister's and their families. It was first arranged by Tony Blair in 1997, and was also favoured by his successor, Gordon Brown in 2007.

Meanwhile, in a documentary airing on Thursday, David Cameron has revealed how he had to phone his wife and tell her to "get your frock on" when he was caught by surprise by former PM Gordon Brown's decision to step down.

In a programme chartering the dramatic five days following the inconclusive General Election - titled Five Days That Changed Britain – the politician reveals that he believed he would not become Prime Minister following the May 6 vote, and also his shock at Mr Brown's resignation announcement.

"I remember having to ring Samantha and saying, 'What are you doing?'," he said. "And she was doing Nancy's homework and I said, 'We could be going to the Palace, you'd better get your frock on'."

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