A kiss for my prince: first post-honeymoon pictures of Victoria and Daniel

hellomagazine.com When you're a newlywed, not even rainy weather can dampen your mood.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her beloved Prince Daniel were radiating happiness as they shared a tender kiss on a golf course in Sweden this week.

It was the first time the pair had been pictured together since returning from their honeymoon.

Husband and wife got back late on Sunday after their romantic break in French Polynesia. They are thought to have spent at least ten days on a yacht there, as well as visiting America and Brazil before returning home.

The balmy climes they enjoyed on their trip must have been a stark contrast from the weather in the Swedish countryside, where Daniel was playing a round of golf with friends.

Victoria opted out, but was happy to act as her husband's caddy – at one point pulling his golf bag across the lawn with a huge smile on her face.

The couple, who married in spectacular style on June 19, have their first official engagement together on August 21.

They are due to attend celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the election of French marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte as the heir to the Swedish throne.

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