'It was a long time ago': King Carl Gustaf on claims of affairs and wild parties in new book

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Sweden's King Carl Gustaf has spoken out after an unofficial biography was released detailing his participation in wild parties and affairs with young women.

Though he said he had not read the book, titled Carl XVI Gustaf – The reluctant monarch, he said he had seen some of the media headlines surrounding the publication, which had "not been very nice".

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The king said that after seeing the reports, he had talked to Queen Silvia and his family.

"We will turn the page and go on now, because as I understand it this is about things that happened a long time ago," stated the 64-year-old royal.

King Carl addressed journalists at a press conference in Sweden on Thursday following the end of an Elk hunt.

The palace press director said it had been his choice to speak out, and he had prepared what to say himself.

"The King is a wise man. They were his own words and what he wanted to say about this matter," said Nina Eldh.

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She also confirmed that the royal family would not open legal proceedings against the authors of the book.

Written by three journalists, it details the king's youth and his accession to the throne at the age of 27. But a large portion of it details what they claim to be the king's constant partying and liaisons with young women.

Anonymous sources recount the king's alleged indiscretions, including one with Camilla Henemark, a Swedish singer and actress and former lead singer with band Army of Lovers (pictured below).

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The book alleges she had a year-long affair with the king at the end of the Nineties, and that the queen knew about it.

"She was afraid she would become Sweden's most hated woman if her affair with the country's monarch became known," the book says of Camilla.

The former model has not denied the allegations, but said that her lawyer has advised her not to comment.

The autobiography has been flying off shelves in Sweden since it was released on Thursday. It's initial print run has already sold out and publishers have decided to print an extra 20,000 copies.

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