Pippa Middleton unwinds with former flame in Madrid

After her starring role in the wedding of the century, it was a well-deserved break.

While her newly-married sister jetted off the to the Seychelles for her honeymoon, Pippa Middleton flew to Madrid for some downtime with a group of friends that included former flame George Percy, the heir to the Duke of Northumberland.

Escaping the media frenzy surrounding her since the big day, the brunette beauty relaxed in the capital's biggest park - the Retiro.

And she took to the water for a boat trip with the eligible aristocrat, whom she dated whilst at Edinburgh University.

But it was not all rest for party girl Pippa, who was keen to sample some of the Spanish city's nightlife.

She partied in one of the most exclusive nightclubs, Fortuny, where she was spotted with a bottle of champagne in her bag.

And there was no let-up for the party planner the following evening, as she enjoyed an evening at swanky bar The Penthouse, dressed to the nines in a beige peplum skirt and fitted black blazer.

When the 26-year-old emerged the next day, she sported sunglasses as she made her way around the tourist sights with the group.

Pippa and George were flatmates in Edinburgh whilst they were in a relationship, and the pair have been friends for nearly ten years.

Her current boyfriend, broker Alex Loudon, stayed in Britain during her trip.