William and Kate kiss their way to the top of TV moments poll


William and Kate's kiss on their wedding day was one of the most iconic images of 2011.

And now that long-awaited smooch has been officially voted the top TV moment of the year, in a recent poll.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tender moment on the balcony of Buckingham Palace captured the hearts of the nation, and the rest of the world, on April 29 2011.

Thousands of well-wishers turned out in person to watch the wedding of the century and millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the ceremony live on TV.

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Other popular TV moments which featured in the top five of the Freeview poll included when a cockroach climbed up Fatima Whitbread's nose on I'm A Celebrity....

Pippa Middleton's appearance at the royal wedding was also one of the highlights.

Rounding out the top five favourites were astrologer Russell Grant being fired out of a cannon on Strictly Come Dancing and Steve Coogan's argument with former News of the World journalist Paul McMullan on Newsnight

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