Carla full of praise for 'superhuman' husband as she gets back to work after giving birth

With three-month-old babies to care for, most new mothers are still getting to grips with their new role at home.

But Carla Bruni, who welcomed her little girl Giulia on October 23, was back to work this week.


The former supermodel met disabled children and carers at a hospital in Garches, in the western suburbs of Paris.

Understandably, the new mum looked a little tired, but smiled widely as she answered questions from the press outside the facility.

Having a child at 43 is no mean feat, but rather than talk about her efforts, Carla - who turned 44 on December 23 - was full of praise for her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

She commended his "superhuman abilities" in his "very difficult job".

The elegant brunette added: "He's changed a lot over the past four years, because it's the kind of job that would change anyone. It would change a tree or a stone.

"In fact it's not a job, it's a calling which goes beyond what a human can do."

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