With her love life in the spotlight, Charlotte Casiraghi makes a plea for privacy

With her heritage as a member of Monaco's royal family and the granddaughter of Princess Grace, there's obvious interest in  Charlotte Casiraghi.

And since she split with millionaire property heir and gallery owner Alex Dellal and embarked on a romance with French actor Gad Elmaleh, the 25-year-old is in the headlines again.


But now Princess Caroline's daughter, who's based in Paris, wants to make a division between her public and private life.

While she's more than happy to be pictured at official occasions such as the recent wedding of her uncle Prince Albert, when she's off duty it's another matter.

The pretty royal has decided to file a complaint against intrusive media coverage. 

Her lawyer Alain Toucas said: "She is followed relentlessly day and night by a dozen individuals and/or photographers, which could be considered a damaging attack on her private life.

"It's a daily hell, these pursuits on motorbikes and cars are moral damage and also represent a risk of actual physical damage.

"It's also putting others in danger," added the lawyer, who was also an advisor to Princess Diana.

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