Camilla's secret donation revealed as she and Charles make Valentine's visit

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner Prince Charles is given hints about how to treat his wife.

During a visit to Tottenham, he and the Duchess of Cornwall were given red and yellow rose garlands as they visited a shop filled with Valentine's gifts. 



Charles and Camilla returned to the London district, which they visited last year, to support residents whose lives were torn apart by the riots.

And one local revealed that the caring Duchess had gone above and beyond the call of duty to help.


Vina Andersson, 30, shared how Camilla privately sent her £400-worth of vouchers to help pay for college materials.

The aspiring artist had dropped out of university after being left homeless, but was inspired to get her life back on track when the royal told her to "go for it" and made the secret cash donation.

"Not even my friends know what she has done for me. It's a shame I can't put the letter on Facebook," Vina said.

"I feel like, in order for me not to feel bad, I have to think something amazing is going to happen out of this".