'I am Lady Gaga!': Carla likens herself to pop's most colourful singer

You wouldn't think Lady Gaga  and Carla Bruni have a lot in common.

But France's first lady has likened herself to the colourful singer in an interview with French magazine Obesession, while discussing how she manages the pressures of life in the public eye.

“With my experience with the media, I am Lady Gaga!” she said.

And like the Born This Way hit maker, Carla admitted that she often dons wigs – although her motivation is going incognito  rather than thrilling audiences.

“Notoriety does not weight heavily on me, and then I disguise myself literally as well as figuratively,” she added.

“With a wig, nobody recognises me on the Metro. Recently, my bag was still searched on a visit to the Marine Museum.”

New mum Carla’s comments come as she helps bolster husband Nicolas Sarkozy ’s re-election bid .