The kiss that shows Barack and Michelle are still a great match

Barack Obama shows wife Michelle that she'll  always be his first lady with a very public show of affection.

The couple were watching the US Olympic basket ball team take on Brazil in a warm up for the Games when they were featured on the famous 'Kiss Cam'.



When your picture flashes up on the screen surrounded by hearts it's a sign that you are expected to pucker up.

So the US president did the only gracious thing, moving in with gusto to the cheers and whoops of spectators.

Michelle briefly looked surprised but then delighted.

Sitting next to them, their eldest daughter Malia, 14, did her best to hide any embarassment she might be feeling at this parental smooching.


She's used to her mother and father being open about the trials and joys of marriage.

Just recently, the Mom-in-Chief talked to HELLO! and why it's important to communicate with your partner.

Michelle, 48, said: "When I tell Barack what's bothering me, it's usually the feeling of 'You don't love me'. And it's like, well no, actually he adores me."