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While photo row continues dancing queen Kate shows the world what she's made of

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Over 9,000 miles away, the row over the intimate photos of the Duchess of Cambridge gathered pace as three magistrates give their ruling in a French court.But although the strain of the past few days must have been weighing heavily on Kate, she did her best not to show it.

The Duchess looked like she didn't have a care in the world, literally dancing her worries away on the South Pacific island of Tuvalu – the last stop on her Diamond Jubilee tour with Prince William.Kate and her husband energetically threw themselves into a traditional welcome dance called the Fatele.Wearing grass skirts and shaking their hips, the couple proved themselves incredibly good sports.The pair looked amused as they stole the show during the welcome ceremony after being carried on thrones from their private jet.Hundreds turned out to greet the VIP visitors, who were also treated to a traditional welcome feast.The Duke and Duchess are the first of the royal family to visit Tuvalu - the smallest of the Commonwealth realms - since 1982, when the Queen made a trip there.

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They are the first Windors to stay overnight on the tiny island - which has a population of just 10,500 - after an Australian naval attaché based there offered up his flat to them while he is away on leave.Positioned half way between Australia and Hawaii, the Polynesian island is one of the most remote places on earth.Covering just 10 square miles, Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world, behind the Vatican City, South Pacific island Nauru and Monaco.But despite the remoteness of the island state, Kate was still firmly in the public eye.  And while most young women in her situation would undoubtedly want to stay out of the glare, Kate has had no option but to remain in the spotlight and concentrate on making her and William's tour a success.

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 She's done so with aplomb, with a smile and a kind word for everyone she's met – from the King of Malaysia, to local children.It's a testament to her strength of character, but also speaks volumes about the incredible support she's had in the form of her husband.According to royal experts, Prince William is said to be "kicking himself" that the couple were photographed while they were on a private holiday in France.He is said to be the driving force behind the legal moves to block the publication of the photos, and bring to account those responsible.The young royal is determined to protect his wife's honour, and deter other photographers and editors from invading their privacy in a similar way.

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William must have felt vindicated to learn that a judge ruled in the couple's favour in Paris on Tuesday.This means that Closer magazine must stop distribution or syndication of the photos in France or face a €10,000 fine for every breach of the injunction.Damages will be established in a further court hearing, and prosecutors are also due to begin a criminal inquiry.

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