Willem-Alexander and Maxima: The Netherlands' incoming king and queen celebrate their anniversary

"I am Latin and I will continue being Latin in respect to some aspects of my culture. I dance, I sing and I will keep on dancing and singing," Princess Maxima said before marrying Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on February 2, 2002.

Fast forward to their eleventh wedding anniversary and the Argentinean-born Princess is still the same vivacious spirit she was when she wed. The only difference is that this time, she will soon be tangoing her way to the Dutch throne.




On Saturday, Maxima and her husband will toast their marriage with the news of Queen Beatrix's abdication fresh on their minds.

It won't be until April 30 that they are inaugurated as the new king and queen, and since that ceremony is still some way in the future, HELLO! Online cracks the spine on their wedding album to relive their union eleven years ago.

With their anniversary coinciding with new royal roles, how do you think Willem-Alexander and Maxima will fare as King and Queen of the Netherlands? Tell us what you think below: