Love in Luxembourg: Grand Duke Henri and his Duchess Maria Teresa mark Valentine's anniversary

Luxembourg is still savouring last year's royal wedding between Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his Belgian bride Stephanie de Lannoy.

But this Valentine's Day, it will be Guillaume's parents' nuptials being celebrated in the Grand Ducal Palace as they mark their anniversary on the most romantic day of the year.



Grand Duke Henri, who is the current Head of State in the world's second richest country, married his Cuban sweetheart Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista on February 14, 1981.

The bride's classic gown with a foot-long train provided a drastic contrast to the gothic surroundings of Luxembourg City's Norte Dame Cathedral; her love for her husband provided the perfect partnership.

More than three decades later, the couple can proudly look back on their legacy which includes their five children – Guillaume, Felix, Louis, their only daughter Alexandra, and their youngest child Sebastian.

Prince Louis and his wife Princess Tessy have also given the Duke and Duchess two grandchildren, Gabriel and Noah.

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