Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall celebrate their wedding anniversary

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary on 9 April.

The Prince and his wife will probably mark their special day privately behind closed doors. They can reflect on the past year, which has been a success for Britain's next King and Queen consort.

Last year's Diamond Jubilee tour to Australia and a recent jaunt to the Middle East showed a couple whose chemistry hasn't faltered since they first met at a polo match in 1970.




On home soil, the royals' public persona is also in its prime. Camilla in particular has overcome reservations about her role in the royal family to become a fun-loving member of the monarchy who has carved out a role as mentor to the Duchess of Cambridge, for whom she is an endless source of support.

Since they wed in 2005, Prince Charles and his wife have made a formidable team. The heir to the throne has supported and championed Camilla's transition and for her part, she continues to justify her place next to the future King.

To mark their anniversary, HELLO! Online takes a look at the three decade-long romance between Prince Charles and Camilla.