City of Amsterdam ready to celebrate Willem-Alexander's crowning moment

Orange fever has gripped the city of Amsterdam as the Dutch people prepare to celebrate a new chapter in their history. On Tuesday morning, Willem-Alexander will be crowned King, the first king to reign in more than 100 years, and already crowds are taking to the streets to play their part in the momentous occasion.

It's a day the nation has long been preparing for as the Dutch people unite to celebrate the reign of Queen Beatrix and welcome the next generation of royals.

Huge numbers of orange-clad path-goers have started to line the streets, clutching national flags and banners. Amsterdam itself has been decked out to befit the momentous occasion.

Streamers and balloons in red, white, blue and orange — the national colours — hang from almost every building, and even the buses and trams. Banners have also been displayed bearing the initials W A, In honour of the new king, while shops windows are laden with memorabilia.

About a million visitors are set to pour into the city, and street parties have been planned across the nation.