Kate Middleton spotted at new hair salon

Kate Middleton has been spotted going to a different hairdresser for her famous 'Chelsea blowdry'. Pregnant Kate, whose hairstyle is one of the most copied around the world, was photographed at the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Mayfair, rather than Richard Ward's salon, where she is usually seen.

Rossano Ferretti's salon, which opened early last year, is familiar with the Middleton family and both Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, and sister, Pippa Middleton, have their hair styled there.

The salon, which is located in a chic townhouse, is part of a chain of hairdressers which can be found around the world, including salons in Pairs, LA, New York, Miami, Madrid, Rome and Venice.

In 2012 Rossano's technique was reviewed by the Daily Mail who described his patented technique, 'The Method'. 'The Method' focuses particular attention on the way the structure, texture and the way your hair falls.

"Rather than cutting it into a particular shape and and styling it into place," read the review. "The idea is your cut is subtly carved into your character and uniquely flattering."

Rossano's 20-year-long career has seen him style hair for both Armani and Dior's catwalk shows, as well as that of A-list actresses, Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

The pictures of the Duchess, taken on 19 June, suggest that Kate's long brunette locks are now no longer being cut by Richard Ward, who has been responsible for her 'Chelsea Blowdry'.

"She's absolutely lovely, like any 29-year-old girl," Richard previously said of his royal client. "She jokes around like everyone else."

However Richard has also revealed that while the pregnant Duchess is famous for her gorgeous glossy, tumbling tresses, which regularly top best hair polls around the world, her hairstyle isn't quite as influential as 'The Rachel'.

'The Rachel' is the layered bob made famous in the mid-nineties by actress Jennifer Aniston when she played Rachel Green in the hit sitcom Friends.

"I really don't remember another time in my whole career where people have come in and asked for a haircut as many times," said Richard. "Not even people wanting Kate Middleton."