Prince Harry shows last minute nerves as teams head to Antarctica

Nerves appeared to have caught up with Prince Harry as he finally headed to the Antarctica for Walking with the Wounded.

"#royal Prince #Harry shows one or two nerves ahead of his departure to Antarctica!" Tweeted Sky's royal reporter Paul Harrison. "#dontpanic."

"Prince Harry gets comfortable on board the Russian flight to Novo in Antarctica @supportthewalk," read the caption on another photo of the Prince.



The photos come as Harry and his fellow team mates were given the go-ahead to leave South Africa after being stranded in Cape Town due to poor weather conditions.

The three participating teams – Britain's Team Glenfiddich, Team Commonwealth and Team USA – had been waiting to fly out to Novo Airbase, located at the edge of the Antarctic continent, where they will acclimatise before beginning their 200-mile trek to the South Pole.

Major Kate Philip, who will be trekking with Harry, told HELLO! Online that the delay had heightened the team's nerves.

"It is beautiful and sunny," said Kate. "And we're being incredibly well-looked after in a lovely hotel which all sounds wonderful but certainly for me, the nerves are really setting in. And there's a sense of anticipation."


"I think everyone wants to just get on and do it now," she added. "Hopefully the weather is a bit calmer. It's certainly calm enough for us to fly into Novo tomorrow morning and then we can just start getting on with preparing for the last few days of acclimatisation.

Harry looked relaxed and happy on Monday when he arrived in South Africa.

The 29-year-old was seen smiling and laughing with his teammates as they prepared to set off for the grueling 200-mile challenge which will see them race against the other two teams to reach the South Pole.