Queen Maxima's car breaks down after visit to Brussels as she prepares for King's Day

As the Queen of The Netherlands, Maxima gets to travel the world a great deal. But it seems one journey didn't go quite to plan when the queen's car broke down due to an empty petrol tank.

The Argentine-born royal was travelling between Antwerp and Brussels last week when she was left without petrol, according to the Dutch TV programme RTL Boulevard.

The sartorial-savvy royal was on her way back to The Hague after visiting the Belgian capital to see one of her favourite designers, Edouard Vermeulen, of the fashion label Natan, whose designs she often opts to wear for public occasions.

Luckily her misfortune was short-lived – according to the TV programme, the queen, who was driving her own vehicle and had forgotten to fill the tank before leaving Brussels, received assistance from her team of security, who were following in a separate car.

Maxima's car was quickly topped up on the side of the motorway, before she could continue her journey.

It's likely that the queen was finalising her outfit for King's Day, The Netherlands' biggest national celebration of the year.

Formerly known as Queen's Day, the name change follows the abdication of the former queen Beatrix, who passed the title to her son, Willem-Alexander, last July.

The national celebration has a new name and a new date – King Willem-Alexander's birthday. But because the monarch's birthday falls on a Sunday this year, it was moved to Saturday 26 April.