Toblerone mark Prince William and Prince George's first Father's Day with chocolate portrait

In honour of Prince William and Prince George's first Father's Day on Sunday 15 June, Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone have created a unique portrait of the royal father and son.

The picture, which is a milk, white and dark chocolate image of William and George from their tour of New Zealand and Australia, is the handiwork of food artist Michelle Wibow.

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Michelle used 1,500 bars of the iconic triangle shaped chocolate bar, totalling over 16,000 individual pieces, to create the 12ft x 8ft picture.


The Toblerone image of Prince William and Prince George

"When I was asked to create a portrait of Prince William and baby George, I was very excited," said Michelle. "Everyone’s first Father’s Day is a memorable occasion, and what better way to mark the nation’s favourite royal father by creating an edible portrait of him.

"It has taken me a long time to map out the exact location for each tiny piece of chocolate to create a recognisable image," she added in reference to the 100 hours of planning, preparation and construction that went into the work. "But the hardest process was trying not to eat the Toblerone along the way!"

Prince William and Prince George at Taronga Zoo

The image Michelle chose to recreate was taken during William and George's visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Easter Sunday.

Delighted Prince George celebrates his first Easter Sunday at Taronga Zoo

George demonstrated his playful character at the zoo when he met a bilby that had been named after him. Eager to touch the marsupial, George reached into its enclosure from the safety of his father's arms.

The Prince William and George portrait was created by food artist Michelle Wibow

The young prince then earned a laugh from the crowd when the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, passed him a toy bilby which he immediately threw on the floor.

George and William's first Father's Day comes just over a month before the Prince of Cambridge will celebrate his first birthday on 22 July.