Prince George snuggles up in Kate's favorite royal tour photo

Of all the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of photographs taken of Prince George during his parents' royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, there is one shot that stands out for his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The photo, taken during the then 9-month-old royal heir's playdate with several other babies his age in Wellington, New Zealand, shows him snuggling his mother's shoulder with his cherubic face lit up with a smile.

"She said it was just lovely and that it was her favorite photo of the tour,” said Wellington City councillor Simon Woolf. Woolf, who is also a professional photographer and took the photo, gifted the couple with a black and white copy and planned on framing a couple more and sending them to the U.K. for Prince George's grandfather Prince Charles and his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

All the pictures from Prince George's playdate in New Zealand

Kate, who dressed her son for the event in adorable short navy Rachel Riley overalls with a retro sailboat motif, "is every bit as wonderful as he is and she has such a wonderful heart," Simon said. As for Prince William, he is "a class act," said the government official.

The photo was a candid shot, when a planned family photo shoot at the event was nixed due to the royal baby taking an unexpectedly lengthy nap. What parent can't relate to that?