Prince Charles shows off his new talent — playing the drums!

Prince Charles is known for his polo playing skills, his passion for helping young people and his love of organic goods. But it seems he has a new secret passion — playing the bongos!

The British royal, 65, enjoyed an impromptu drumming session in Columbia this past weekend when he was presented with a traditional drum set from the people of the South American country.

Charles and his wife Camilla enjoyed a four-day official tour of Colombia which included visits to a Naval Academy, inspecting the treasure at the Museo del Oro Zenu in Cartagena and visiting the world heritage site of Cartagena.

And this isn’t the first time for the British royal, who is known for his love of classical composers Bach and Hubert Parry, has enjoyed showing off his percussion skills. He has enjoyed banging on bongos and drums all over the world, including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tabego and Sierra Leone.

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