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Duchess Kate wants 'at least' how many children?

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Duchess Kate has reportedly told friends that she is planning for a big family.

The 32-year-old royal, who is pregnant with her second royal baby, wants "at least" three children, according to The Telegraph. As the oldest of three — Pippa, 31, and James, 27, round out her family — it is suspected that Kate wants the same for Prince George. Prince William, however, is believed to be content with two children.

Kate is the eldest of three children

When Prince George's sibling is born in April, the young royal will be close to two years older — roughly the same age gap between Kate and Pippa.

Bookies are already taking bets on whether the Queen's granddaughter-in-law will have a girl or a boy, with the majority placing bets on a princess.

But speculation doesn't end with gender. William and Kate, in naming their son George (and adding middle names Alexander and Louis), clearly favor traditional monikers as the royal family has for centuries.

Their second child will most likely have three or four names, as his father was christened William Arthur Philip Louis while his younger brother Prince Harry is Henry Charles Albert David.

Kate has been suffering from severe morning sickness as she did with her first pregnancy

If William and Kate have a girl born around the Queen's birthday on April 21, they may well name her Elizabeth in tribute to the 88-year-old monarch. Diana is also a heavily suspected name, in honor of William's beloved mother, the late Princess Diana, while Alexandra — one of the Queen's middle names — was a popular bet during Kate's first pregnancy. When it comes to boys names, Charles, Philip and Thomas are likely to be good bets.

On the day that her pregnancy was announced, Kate was forced to pull out of an engagement at Oxford University and stay home after falling ill from severe morning sickness. William is reported to have said that his wife had been suffering from the condition for about a week, but that they were both "thrilled" with the news.

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