Japan's most fashionable royals: Princess Kako, Empress Michiko and more

Here in America, the most famous royals are the Brits: The Queen and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, not to mention William and Kate and Harry and the cutest new addition, Prince George.

Princess Kako makes an entrance

All of the above get loads of press and publicity, overshadowing the fact that Japan — unbeknownst to many — has a royal family, too. The country's imperial clan boasts some of the best-dressed men and women in the world, from Empress Michiko and her impeccable tailoring and dramatic draping to budding fashion icon Princess Kako and her sweet, feminine style.

Though the monarchy has been making more public appearances of late, the extended brood remains fiercely private — meanwhile, Great Britain's Kate Middleton attends countless events as an unofficial state ambassador, inviting 24-7 coverage of her elegant, oft-copied wardrobe.

Without further ado, our gallery of Japan's unsung sartorial superstars — beginning with Princesses Kiko, Mako and Kako. Click on the photo below to see all the stylish photos: