Tatiana Santo Domingo on pregnancy and motherhood: 'You feel so complete'

Tatiana Santo Domingo is known for cherishing her privacy. But in a new interview, the 31-year-old ethical fashion designer has opened up about pregnancy and how becoming a mother has changed her.

"There’s so much [that has changed] that I don’t even know where to start, I guess I don’t put myself first any more," she revealed to website Nine In The Mirror only weeks before she gave birth to her second child.

Tatiana Santo Domingo at Paris Fashion Week in 2015

Tatiana and her husband Andrea Casiraghi welcomed their baby daughter on 13 April - a little sister for two-year-old Alexandre, known as Sasha. Tatiana also discussed how the experience of pregnancy was different the second time around.

"You feel so complete," she said after being asked her favourite part of pregnancy, before adding: "There’s definitely none of that anxiety you have the first time around, but I am a lot more tired," blaming it on "running around after the first one".

Her cravings during the second pregnancy were relatively simple - she only desired "carbs and cheese - the things I usually like".

Tatiana (right) with her business partner Dana Alikhani

Tatiana had an international upbringing and now lives with her family in London. Known for her bohemian fashion sense - she is co-owner of Muzungu Sisters, an ethical fashion line which she founded in 2009 with friend Dana Alikhani - she also talked about her approach to fashion during pregnancy , saying: "I haven’t really changed my style.

"The only thing that I have changed is that I wear maternity jeans, but because I usually wear quite loose, floaty tops and jackets I just continue wearing those kind of things."

"I’m a very nostalgic person so I have already forgotten all of the bad sides and only remember the good sides," she tells the website, when asked about the impending arrival of the new baby. "I’m sure the second the next baby is born I will remember all of the difficult moments again, but for now I’m very excited."