Kate Middleton goes rappelling in Wales


The famously outdoorsy Kate Middleton showed not even royal status gets between her and some sporty fun after volunteering to try rappelling in Wales. The athletic royal – who is a fan of tennis, hockey, sailing and skiing among other sports – can now add the high-octane activity to her repertoire.

Royal action woman Kate was visiting the Tower Outdoor Educational Centre in Snowdonia with her husband Prince William when the couple were offered the chance to try rappelling.

The Duke and Duchess, both 33, showed that they were game and donned matching red jackets, helmets and harnesses.



Sporty Kate was more than willing to try her hand at rappelling Photo: Getty Images

William was first to launch himself into the activity and shouted up to his wife, "Are you holding me?" to which Kate, who gripped onto the rope, replied, "I've got you!"

Giggling, Kate added to the instructors: "I'm quite enjoying this actually. For once I'm in control."

When asked how their insurance was, the Duchess jokingly added: "William, how much do you love me?"


The Duchess laughed and softly said "Bye" as she abseiled down Photo: Getty Images

Next, it was Kate's turn to let go of her fears and the royal started to abseil down the outdoor wall. "Bye," she said softly as she lowered herself down, while chuckling to herself and the cameras above.

Not stopping there, the daring Duchess then ascended a 40-foot climbing wall. "Not that we're competitive but if he does that, then I'm having to do it too!" said Kate as she nimbly followed her husband up.


Kate joked around with the crew before she descended Photo: Getty Images

William and Kate were visiting the centre as it is run by Mountain Rescue England and Wales, of which the Duke is a patron.

During their visit the couple met young people from a local school who have all undertaken anti-stigma and discrimination training, to increase their awareness of how to face mental health problems among their peers.

The focus of William and Kate's visit to Wales is on mental health in young people. Both the Duke and Duchess have been championing the issue for years, and earlier this week Kate revealed why she chooses to concentrate on the issue.

"I often get asked why I decided to spend time highlighting the mental health of children," said Kate at a mental health conference. "My answer might be similar to many of yours. I was lucky. My parents and teachers provided me with a wonderful and secure childhood where I always knew I was loved, valued and listened to. But of course many children are not so lucky."


Prince William and Kate donned matching red jackets, helmets and harnesses Photo: Getty Images

During their one-day visit to Wales, the Duke and Duchess also spent time with charity Mind, the Men's Shed movement and GISDA, an organisation that provides support to homeless youth in the area.