Queen Letizia, Maxima of the Netherlands, Mathilde of Belgium… Who is the tallest royal lady in Europe?


The new generation of European queens and princesses are standing tall, but but who takes the crown for the tallest of them all? We can reveal the winner is Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who reigns at a statuesque at 5ft 8in.

Charlene of Monaco comes in a close second only a centimeter (around .4 inches) less than Máxima, followed by Queen Matilde of Belgium, 5ft 7in Queen Letizia of Spain and finally Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, who is 5ft 3in. (Outside of Europe, royals fans should note that Queen Rania of Jordan is also one of the most petite royals, measuring 5ft 5in.)

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is the tallest queen in Europe, beating Charlene of Monaco and Queen Letizia of Spain Photo: Getty Images

Queen Maxima will eventually have to give up her position as tallest queen in Europe when Mette-Marit of Norway succeeds the throne. The Norwegian is just under 5ft 10in. For now it doesn't look like she'll be challenged for the title as other future Queens, such as Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and the Duchess of Cambridge all measure 5ft 7in or less.

When Mette-Maritt suceeds the throne she will become the tallest queen in Europe Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to style, the royal clothing choices change dramatically depending on the height of the monarch. For Princess Charlene of Monaco it’s all about elongating her slight figure. The mom-of-two often chooses floor length dresses to highlight her lean body, but wears the glamorous gowns with flat shoes. Queen Letizia of Spain, who is 7cm shorter than Charlene, usually opts for knee-length dresses and skirts, which she accessorizes with tall high heels.