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Who should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invite to their wedding? Have your say!

The couple will marry on Saturday 19 May in Windsor

Compiling the guest list is one of the most delicate parts of wedding planning, and for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the challenge is no different. Harry recently managed to avoid causing a major diplomatic rift between the UK and the US when asked whether he had invited his good friends the Obamas to the royal wedding. The Prince tactfully dodged the question, saying he wouldn't want to "ruin that surprise".

"We haven't put the invites or the guest list together yet so who knows whether he's going to be invited or not," Harry said on BBC Radio 4's the Today programme. "I wouldn't want to ruin that surprise." Buckingham Palace are in charge of drawing up the guest list, with the government sharing their recommendations, and while Meghan is a known critic of President Trump, inviting the former US President but not the current one may cause controversy.

Should fifth-in-line to the throne Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan be given free reign to invite who they want to their wedding, or should they stick to royal protocol? Should the Prince's ex-girlfriends, who he remains on good terms with, be extended an invite?

Take our survey below and have your say on who should appear on the all-important royal guest list…

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